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About Lebo Lion

Lebo Lion is a well versed orator with experience in front of the camera, behind the microphone, and addressing an audience. This skill together with her sound grasp in influencer & social media marketing, business modelling & strategy, small business to medium business issues, ecommerce, entrepreneurship, and their impact on local and global markets, makes her the ideal candidate to speak to marketing professionals, various stakeholders in business incubation programmes, stakeholders in higher learning institutions, and thought leaders from Across the African continent. This forms the basis of her tasks and responsibilities as Keynote speaker for JSE listed companies, Panel discussion moderator, guest lecturer, pop culture event MC, key business advisor on the Yfm drive time show and the Metro Fm breakfast show, and guest session facilitator for entrepreneurial incubator programmes. As an award winning entrepreneur and business influencer, Lebo lion is able to skillfully navigate between diverse crowds and simplify complex business concepts in order to facilitate meaningful & impactful conversations.

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A Podcast & Vlogcast that celebrates the phenomenal leaders, taste makers, influencers, & voices who meaningfully serve their respective communitiies.

The Lebo Lion Show shares conversations that shape us & empower us. It is a Podcast for professionals, creatives, students, leaders, & creators who want to share ideas that change the world.

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