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Does This Sound Familiar to You?


  1. You feel like you have a great offering but it seems like you’re not getting the right attention for what you’re offering.

  2. You want to start a new business but you don't know if your idea will work.

  3. You work really hard on making your product of service great but you’re barely breaking even

  4. You often procrastinate taking care of social media related activities in your business  and you don’t know how to find followers or convert them to customers

  5. You want to improve your business or product but you don’t understand how marketing really works.

6. You know that brands are valuable but you find brand building confusing and tedious.

7. Prospective clients want to see your sales funnel & brand valuation before they invest in your business, but you don’t know what they are or how to present it?

8. You’re doing well enough running your business, but you can’t see how you can improve your results without having to work harder.

9. You’re living in a constant cycle of competing with more famous brands and entrepreneurs without knowing how to manage your own public relations.

If any or all of the activities listed above feels hard, but you know deep down you have something of value to offer the market, Lebo Lion's Marketing Masterclasses are for you.



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