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In this episode, I sit down with Lebo Lion, a brand marketing expert, to talk about her life and how she manages her finances. We discuss her approach to saving and investing, as well as some of the challenges she's faced when it comes to money.  …

The Investor's Chair - Episode 5: Money Management with Lebo Lion a Brand Marketing Expert

Veli Ngubane finds out how the influencer and podcast host embarked on her own entrepreneurial journey.

 Lebo Lion (IG: @lebolion_sa) is best known as an influencer and host of pod and vlog cast, The Lebo Lion Show. We talk about her roots and find out how she embarked on her own entrepreneurial journey.


How Digital Marketing Maven Lebo Lion Is Revolutionising Marketing

Livhuwani Nefolovhodwe’s extensive work as a marketing consultant has transformed over 80 SMEs. The digital marketing maven shares her experiences as a business owner and successful podcaster in a male-dominated field.


This is a Free Personal Brand MasterClass in Collaboration with Sta-Sof-Fro to give people around the continent, access to the tools they need to build the lives and businesses that they have dreamed of. Tune into our fun masterclass, that gives you easy to implement brand building steps to help you navigate through a new digital economy.

#SwitchItUp Conference 2021 Lebo Lion Building Your Personal Brand

Book Review: Audacity: A Life Guide for the Modern Woman by Lebo Lion

Our next guest, Lebo Lion, is an award-winning entrepreneur, podcaster and now author of a book titled Audacity: A Life Guide for the Modern Woman. This offering is described as a handbook that the reader can use in different phases and moments of their lives to bring themselves back to their authentic self. Well, Lebo Lion is in the studio with us this morning to help us break down why we need the courage to be audacious on a daily basis.

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