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UJ Alumna, Lebo Lion

– You have the power to design your own career

Lebo Lion is someone who is not afraid to use her voice to create a world she believes needs to exist in the ecosystem of creativity and commerce.

“The thing about me is that I have always been someone who thinks differently and for a long time I was afraid to share my thoughts because other people weren’t saying the things that I was thinking, believing or seeing. My life really changed when I decided to own my thoughts and my voice. There is room for what I see in this world.”

Veli Ngubane finds out how the influencer and podcast host embarked on her own entrepreneurial journey.

 Lebo Lion (IG: @lebolion_sa) is best known as an influencer and host of pod and vlog cast, The Lebo Lion Show. We talk about her roots and find out how she embarked on her own entrepreneurial journey.


We are hosting Lebo Lion (The Voice of Marketing in SA)

Lebo Lion is the voice of marketing in South Africa. Nurturing & accelerating the growth of African businesses with marketing and digital tools. She is a speaker, podcast host, social media strategist and SMME Growth specialist. She's worked with brands such as Telkom, Flying Fish, Gobodo Standard Bank, Facebook, Albany, Music Rights Organization and many more. She has been honored as one if the 40 under 40 African Business Icon 2020. She's also written for the following publications: GQ Magazine, Glamour Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, City Press News Paper and the Sunday Times. She is the founder and podcast host for Lessons with Lion.

Lebo Lion: “The most important validation that you will ever need in this life, is the validation that you give to yourself.”

Lebo grew up in an entrepreneurial family where she was encouraged to ask questions, read, and be creative. Seeing women like her aunt create internationally renowned businesses demonstrated to her the power of believing in oneself, as well as the truth that as women, we can do whatever we set our minds to, even in environments where no one believes women have anything valuable to offer because the world will learn to adjust when we offer value that is difficult to ignore.

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