Speaker. Facilitator. MC

Sharing African Ideas on Global Platforms


An energetic orator, who challenges her audience to diversify their perspective of the world, through conversations about the business landscape, macro & micro economics, marketing, innovation, technnology & personal development.


Lebo Lion regularly facilitates events for listed companies, addressing members of their C-suite, external stakeholders, startups, and small businesses. With a reputation of fostering a culture of conversation & community in the events that she impacts, Lebo helps companies have valuable conversations that get to the core of the issue. 

Book Lebo Lion as a:

  • Speaker

  • Facilitator

  • SME digital marketing trainer

  • Community Manager Trainer

  • Marketing & Strategy Trainer



Exploring the complex world of customers and community building. We delve into how technology has changed the face of how businesses cater to and interact with their customers. As customers become digital citizens, marketers need to have a thorough understanding of this new terrain.


Unearthing the power of digital marketing & new media to develop marketing strategies & systems that help big and small organizations achieve their objectives & becomes global players.


Learning how to build innovative business models that incorporate technology to harness the agility, effectiveness, & efficiency that technology lends itself to. Building future fit businesses with intelligent & intuitive business models.


Navigating an organisation through the disruption of technology, is one of the most challenging management/leadership tasks of the 21st century. As technology drives how organizations operate & compete, it also has a dual effect of empowering the customer with the tools they need to become one of the most influential board members a company will  have. Driving an organisation through a minefield where change & uncertainty are the only constant and certain things, through an environment where the customers & digital citizenship have impacted a company's stakeholder makeup, requires marketers, leaders, & SME program developers to stay ahead of the curve to remain relevant. Let Lebo Lion lead you through change & uncertainty, with over 10 years experience as a digital marketer, entrepreneur, & techpreneur, elevating over 1000 small & large organizations to marketing success.